Thursday, September 27, 2007


Walker Blvd. Knoxville, TN (9.21.07 / 9.27.07)

Timing. I've been watching this house for a few years now. It is (was) on the outskirts of our neighborhood, and the folks that lived in it used to sell odds and ends out front, and spread out onto the side lot. I always noticed it for some reason and imagined what it was like on the inside. I imagined what it was like behind the house, where there is a small creek (and used to be a vacant lot). Now, there is a Food City Shopping Center behind those trees. Anyway, having bought a new (small) camera not long ago, I thought I would take a picture of it. Less than a week later, as I was driving by...WHAM! It's gone. So, it made me think...

I guess it's just an old small house, but it struck me that when I think of things I want to do I need to just jump in and do them. Right then and there. Do it. If I had waited just a week to take that picture there would be no picture...of a house at least. So, I'm glad I have this little camera, because now I can take snapshots of things I notice (and like for some odd reason), and I won't regret not doing it right then and there. Now, I can look at that picture and remember those things for sale and those people sitting on the back porch. I am fortunate to be able to take the time to think about such things.

Anyway, I really hope the people that lived here left for good reasons, and have had the good fortune to find a new and better home.

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catherine said...

My brother and I have had the "Do it now" conversation, except we started it by talking about how you will see something weird while in the car and think, "I should turn around and check that out". We said that we were much more likely to turn around and check something out when we were younger. After our conversation, I decided, if something intrigues me, I'm going to investigate further.

And now I need to go take a picture my boyfriend said would be cool before the scene changes! :)