Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Masks. Joke/Magic/Costume Shop in Barcelona. October 2007.

Violinist. Road to Prague Castle/Palace. October 2007.

Well, we are back from a 10-day trip to Barcelona and Prague. Shoo! I am completely exhausted so I won't type much here, but I will later. I was loading pictures to the computer and came across these. The first is from a Costume Shop in was a super-fun place with loads of cool masks. I just liked the expressions on's kind of how I looked the whole time we were in Barcelona. The second was a beautiful day in Prague, and we were playing tourists at the Prague Castle. For some reason most folks were passing this fellow by and not listening very carefully, but he was playing some really beautiful violin...and with the castle (and amazing view of Prague) as a's one of those sights I won't soon forget. The whole trip was full of these moments. I want to go back. Now.

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