Tuesday, May 20, 2008

EN ROUTE - #2/8

Pumps of Tennessee / JFG Double Exposure

I'm posting this a day early because I'll be out of town, but time for #2 in the Metro Pulse Feature "En Route". This week's shot was taken in Knoxville from 2 vantage points. The first shot was the south side of the "Pumps of Tennessee" building on Broadway (Hwy. 441), and the second was taken from Depot Street looking south toward the Old City and JFG building. The colors are pretty terrible in this one, but I liked how the double exposure worked out...the texture and patterns struck me. Double exposures are tricky...you can try and try to get the perfect match (and fail miserably), or you can let chance work in your favor and hope your eye sees something interesting. I tried to match the angles on this one, and like how it turned out...I also like how the top of the first building lined up quite nicely with the JFG sign in the background. That was a lucky stroke.

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