Monday, June 2, 2008

EN ROUTE - #4/8

Knoxville One Hour Cleaners. North Broadway.

Number 4/8 for the MetroPulse "En Route" series. This one was taken behind Broadway Shopping Center...and is clearly of the Knoxville One Hour Cleaners. I like the old sign, and how ominous it all looks. It really isn't very scary at all, but the picture makes it look a bit that way. This particular shopping center also hosts K-Mart, Little Caesar's Pizza, and some of the other now-typical stripmall shops...such as discount women's clothing, a Dollar-Store, and what looks to be a "Call Center" at the end of the mall. Maybe it is a bit scary, come to think of it. Well, not scary, just depressing. Those Call-Centers freak me out with the "Smoking Areas" in back that resemble a cage or prison cell.

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