Friday, December 12, 2008

Milwaukee, WI | December 2008 (on a very cold walk).

While ALL of my pictures turned out poorly underexposed (and I'm pretty upset about it) and this was about the only one that would scan decently, I figured I should at least have one to accompany the post. So, anyhow, I was in Milwaukee to visit a friend this past week, see Alex Chilton play, work on a book project for said friend, and just hang out in good company. JWLawson and company gave me nothing short of true southern hospitality, treated me to great food, cold beer, and good conversation. After time with Lawson I always feel inspired in some way...I think this time it's the inspiration to work...whatever that work may be. I feel the excitement of just doing things. Making things. Doing what the brain says to do without thinking too much (or at all) about it. The craving to complete a task is there for a purpose so I came home with the incentive to act on those cravings. Without them we are just not living up to our full potential. Hell, if nothing else, I got to experience watching a Packer's game with true Packer's fans and see Alex Chilton bust out in a Michael Jackson cover, all while hanging with true friends. Awesome trip. Thanks Jon and Val, for putting up with me and letting me crash at the L&L.

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