Sunday, May 31, 2009

Creepy Mannequin Head / Abandoned Bear

Save more, Get more | Louisville, KY | May 2009

Mannequin Head | Louisville, KY | May 2009

Wow. What a creepy mannequin...

I spent last weekend in Louisville with my good friend Lawson...walking, talking, sipping beers, and just generally having a good time while making art. This window was irresistible. Creepy, but irresistible. I was attracted to the color of the paint, but as I got closer and saw the mannequin head it totally freaked me out, and I had to get a shot of it. Well, so here it all it's freaky glory.

Edit: I added the bear photo, cause it's creepy too....and seemed to fit with the other.

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Catherine said...

Creepy mannequin head reminds me! When I was a kid, there was this old lady that sat in the window of her shack ALL THE TIME looking out like that. There were all kinds of stories about why she did it, none of which I can remember right now. All I know was that no matter when you drove past her house, her head was peering out the window. Creepy!