Saturday, November 21, 2009


New awesomeness alert: Mockingbird Events is alive...from "Baconfest" to a rooftop Speakeasy...from an Italian dinner to delicious brunch...from event planning to meeting good friends...from local goods and food to international cuisine...they gots it all down.

A Bit About Mockingbird:

The philosophy of Mockingbird Events: The greatest good = pleasure and happiness for all. We specialize in niche food and bar events centered around community and sustainability. With years of experience planning a wide range of events Mockingbird has the ability to take an idea or inspiration and find the right space, food, music, and drink and bring the event to fruition.

Harkening back to roots that combine growing up in small towns and neighbors helping neighbors with spending time in urban centers where our senses were constantly challenged Mockingbird captures these dueling energies by creating our own events, partnering with local businesses and makers of food, as well as providing turn-key event planning services. Events are fresh, utilitarian, dynamic, educational, progressive, and sustainable.

Every Mockingbird event is unique and has it’s own identity informed by vision and purpose, be it a private party, a secret bar night, a product launch, an educational tasting, or a farm to table dinner.

C H E C K T H E M O U T.

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