Monday, July 12, 2010

Phone sketches?

iPhone | CameraBag app | July 2010

So, lately I have been using my phone for a lot of things other than talking on it. It has become my main source of internet, my main method to return email, an alarm clock, my date-book, a calculator, my maps, sometimes a radio, occasionally a TV, a guitar tuner, a "magic 8-ball", a dictionary, a means to play scrabble with friends, a way to pay bills, a fake zippo lighter, and, oh! it has become a camera.

So weird. I have used my phone to document the things happening in my life, or places I visit. It works great for getting the quick shot of that great meal, or the ice cream cone that fell to the ground and made the funny shape, or even the mullet on that guy in line at the gas station.

BUT, my phone will not replace my camera. I will not let it happen. The phone pics I have taken remind me that I need to be carrying my camera with me so it can become my camera. My phone can be all that other stuff, but the film will have to stay. It's the realization that phone apps are being used to recreate the effects of film, and then saved in 800 pixels, probably never to be printed, but most likely lost with the inevitable demise of the phone. Phone, I need you in my life, but you have reminded me that I also need more than one tool to make me happy. I won't remember you 15 years from now, but the negatives I have from my camera will still be around.

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