Thursday, October 21, 2010

Killing the Blues

"Killing the Blues" | 4 pieces | 8.5" x 11"

I have been pretty unproductive lately in the art-realm. I am in the process of getting an "office/studio" space though, so the productivity should kick in pretty soon. I have things at the ready. Until then, I have been revisiting things and digging up older files. The collages I made back in 2007-08 were a huge inspiration for me, and helped me get some ideas out of my brain and out into the world, for good or ill.

Anyway, this one was made while listening to John Prine one night. Mostly, I sat in the living room floor, sipped on Schlitz (or some other cheap beer), listened to music or watched TV, and let my brain tear apart pieces of paper with an X-Acto blade and assemble the thoughts that came out. This is what came out on February 9th that year, and I can't help but think that this John Prine song had a hand in what resulted. Thanks John. I can't help but look at these collages and realize that I have moved on from those nights. I have moved in new directions, but still really love these little snapshots of time. I miss sitting on the living room floor cutting things up and working through my brain. Sometimes that process solves more than you think. I'm glad I had those months to work, and I plan on doing more, real soon. And by the way, I think that this particular night also helped me to Kill the Blues a bit. Bonus. Listen to Prine below.

John Prine | Killing the Blues (Pink Cadillac, 1989)

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