Friday, December 17, 2010


Townsend, TN | Abandoned house

My car was outta fuel. Really. Sitting in my driveway out of diesel, and with a dead battery to boot. Dumb. My fault, but dumb. I spent a portion of the day (and a portion of the week for that matter) dealing with a car almost as old as myself, and I must say it gets frustrating at times. I have an old-man habit of keeping dying things alive ... keeping things I should get rid of ... hanging on because I like the feel of things well-used. So, anyhow, that reminded me of this gas can, and the fact that it just feels like someone is up to no good in this abandoned house. Like they are getting ready to "let go" of this dying building. I'm not very happy with the framing of the shot, but I do like the colors and light ... and the memory of walking around Townsend on a cold, but pretty day.

This really has nothing to do with my car, does it?

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