Monday, May 16, 2011

Clocking Out.

Clocking Out | 3 piece collage

Sometimes I wonder where this guy is going? I don't remember where the photo came from, but I do remember that it is a photo of a Prison Guard. A Death Row Prison Guard to be exact. I imagined that he was headed to the time clock to punch out. I mean, wouldn't you want to clock out of that job?

The flowers remind me of vacation for some reason. Maybe a much needed vacation is on his mind. Or maybe he has someone waiting for him at home that he really wants to get to. Or he's late for dinner ... or maybe flowers are more deep than that. Maybe they have nothing to do with the guard at all, but for the inmate waiting in his cell. Flowers from family? The outdoors coming in? Thoughts coming out? I dunno.

Just revisiting some of these collages and wondering why I may have pieced them together in the first place. Maybe they're just pretty flowers, and the guard has nothing on his mind. Maybe.

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