Thursday, November 3, 2011

Phone pics (revisited)

top | iPhone camera (normal)
bottom | iPhone camera (HDR)
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I really don't like any of the HDR images I have seen in online galleries. They just look completely weird to me, and I guess I never saw the point. I don't really like many phone pics either, I mean, besides for just normal day-to-day snapshots that get posted so that friends can see what your other friends did that was funny, or what the person driving in front of you has on his bumper. You know, every camera has it's place and purpose.

So, I had to buy a new phone last week, and I opted for the new iPhone (4s) ... whatever that means. I didn't play with it until today when I saw an HDR option on the camera phone. I took a shot to see what would happen and was pleasantly surprised. Seems that apple has its HDR settings way toned down so they just make things even out a bit and give you the opportunity to bring out what you might miss in a normal shot.

For example, the above shots were taken at my office desk. Top is with no setting, and bottom with HDR. The HDR actually looks pretty good for a camera phone. The only thing I notice is that when the phone uses 3 quick images to sample from (in HDR), they may not exactly match up ... you can see that in the ceiling tiles. I'm sure this is because I moved it a tad while shooting. Anyhooo...

My whole point? My phone just went from being a device able to give me simple shots to post online, to getting pretty decent shots to possibly save and even print. I emailed myself these files straight from the phone and they are printable at 300 dpi at 8 x 10". Not to shabby for a phone. I'll keep playing with it for sure, and probably post annoyingly cute pictures of my dog doing funny things.

note - it also shoots video in 1080p)
note 2 - pay no attention to the lampshade on top of another lampshade. there is a reason for it

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