Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hatch Customers | Louisville, KY (2009?) I haven't picked up a camera in a good while, and it's bumming me out. I was reminded this week of the Louisville (River) project my friend Lawson and I started a few years ago (sheesh). I never felt like I made enough images on that trip, and I have been looking for the chance to pick up some of my slack, so we can finish the deal. Well, I'll be headed to Lexington and Louisville this weekend to play a couple of shows and I am going to attempt to find some time to make art. It's hard to make time when you're traveling with 4 other guys, a bunch of equipment that has to be lugged, and time constraints. I have also been reluctant to take my camera on the road for fear of losing track of it, or the possibility of it getting stolen (ridiculous excuses, I know). So, between Louisville, and an upcoming 3 week hiatus to Virginia, I am extremely excited about making some new work happen, and just as excited to have time off, and the chance to look around with more than a casual glance. I need to buy some film.

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