Thursday, December 27, 2007


WINE - Shop Window, Prague. October 2007

We went to Atlanta over the Holiday break for some time away from town, shopping, etc... Over the past couple of months we have heard the expression "Two-Buck-Chuck" on several occasions to refer to cheap wine. I assumed it was bad, cheap wine and wrote it off as an expression. Well, come to find out it is indeed a real wine, and it can be bought at Trader Joe's shops throughout the country. We went to Trader Joe's to buy some groceries and were surprised at the other prices as well. Things we normally pay $7 for here at places like Earth-Fare were around $2 at Trader Joe's...I couldn't believe it. We are seriously thinking about driving to Atlanta every couple of months to stock up on cheaper essentials. Believe it or not, it would save us money. I have always been appalled at the prices for groceries in east particular in the grocery stores on the north end of town. We can shop out west for the same items and pay less than the same items on Broadway. I have always heard it's because they raise prices in poorer parts of town because they make money on food stamps. I don't know if that's in any way true or not, but I do know that we pay more when we shop close to home. Well, this wasn't meant to be a post on grocery prices, but more to talk about cheap / good wine. Two-Buck Chuck indeed. Link below: 

  • Charles Shaw Wine (Two Buck Chuck)
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