Sunday, January 13, 2008


Knoxville Sunset Diptych. 1.13.08

We watched the documentary on songwriter/artist Daniel Johnston this weekend (The Devil and Daniel Johnston). I've been a fan of the music for a while, but never knew the whole story...and it is quite an interesting story. If you like documentaries of artists I highly recommend this one. Sometimes it is good to see the struggles of others (even on the big screen) in order to appreciate the creative process, or at the very least to understand what drives creativity. Sometimes it is driven by illness, and I find that the more I learn about mental illness the more I appreciate what drives people to create. I wonder what art would be like without some degree of mental instability, or without conditions such as depression and sadness? I'm always drawn to sad songs, and I suppose I'm drawn to sad movies...does that mean I'm also drawn to sad art? Well, the image here doesn't really have to do with Daniel Johnston, but I really like the song "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Your Grievances" so I thought the sunset image fit. It was a beautiful evening in Knoxville. I hope Daniel Johnston has a good evening, and I hope he continues to make heartfelt, beautiful music.  

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