Thursday, January 24, 2008


Cover of Mix CD made of artists from England, Scotland, and Ireland. Nov. 07

Back of business card. Robin Surber, Artist. October 07.

I haven't been posting any of my freelance projects here. I don't really know why, but I thought I'd post a few samples here...just 2 of the projects I've worked on this fall/winter. The first is a mix-cd cover...not really a was sent to just a handful of friends, but a fun one nonetheless. If you want a copy of the disc just email me and maybe I can mail one out to you. The second is the back of a business card for Knoxville artist, Robin Surber. Robin's work uses items from her travels and personal life, combined with really beautiful illustration and collage-work. She is influenced by the southwest, so I used the turquoise blue type. It reads normally on the front, and I used my old typewriter for the type...I thought the handmade should be important...the stars were hand-stamped and scanned. 5 color print job. It was a fun one. Maybe I should have posted the front...hmmm...

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