Monday, February 25, 2008


Bob McCluskey - Emergency Lunchbox

I love this album, and have pulled it off the shelves lately for some good listening sessions. It's one of those special releases that bears repeat, late-night listens...a description from the Metro Pulse "Greatest Knoxville Records of All Time" issue:
"Out of the ashes of the Taoist Cowboys and the Estradas came this 1994 solo project from their lead writer. Perhaps the most intimate and honest release ever recorded in Knoxville, it was all taped at home on a four track and captures Bob at his best: relaxed, and his mind drenched in self examination and beer. It's songwriting minus any bullshit or pretension whatsoever. Like Nick Drake if Nick had a sense of humor and adventure, and could formulate his ideas clearly. In other words, it ain't like Nick Drake at all except it forces you into THAT mood. Almost flawless in its risk of exposing the writer's flaws. Bob takes the everyday and makes it art and makes it interesting." Metropulse July 9, 1999.

It's free to download at Lynnpoint Records. Link below:
  • Bob McCluskey - Emergency Lunchbox

  • You can also click below to hear "Nice Night To Do Laundry"

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