Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blurry Records.

I'm taking a cue from a friend and fellow seems that we lived tandem lives this weekend even though we're hundreds of miles apart. All that talk last week about Record Store Day, and I didn't even make it to a record store at all. I went out of town instead. So, I made up for it this weekend (and I still am, as we speak). I traded in some old, stale music for new records, and boy, has it been a while since I've done that. The economy of late doesn't really justify me splurging on music, but trading is another thing altogether. So, the pictures above are blurry and so is my brain. Lots of music was played yesterday, and is being played today. I'm glad it's raining out or I'd feel really bad using 2 days to make up for lost listening. On the speakers at the moment are new records by Elvis Costello, John Prine (well, new last year), The Raconteurs, and the first 4 albums by the Replacements which were reissued this week (awesome job on the reissues). Fionn Regan's "The End of History" is playing as I type, and next on deck is the new Howlin Rain. Maritime's latest is the one that is most stuck in my brain though..."Heresy and the Hotel Choir". Thanks to JWL for the tip on these guys...the first 4 tracks will hook you.

Links Below:

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