Sunday, April 20, 2008


EXIT signs. Fireworks Warehouse. I-75, near Sweetwater, TN

Yesterday was perfect for a road-trip, so we took one. We drove to Atlanta and back...quite a bit on Highway 411, and this picture is where Highway 68 and I-75 meet (I think, between 411 and I-75). I've driven Hwy. 411 all the way back to Knoxville and it is a nice drive (one I would highly suggest taking), but we were running short on time so we headed back to the interstate on the way home. There is a great "Out-of-Stock" store that I need to go back to and check on Polaroid film...the last time I was there they had tons of expired film, but I didn't buy any. I should have. That was a couple of years ago. Looks like another reason to drive 411 on a beautiful weekend.

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