Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Single on my mind

Lookin' For a Thrill 7"

Knoxville (well, Blaine) native John Paul Keith has unleashed a new single on the world and it's available in 7" format...which is so nice. I would go into detail on how much (and why) I love the single, but I'm coming to realize that I'm not a music critic. To me, it's hard to be a music critic when you listen to music from the gut...when you feel it...cause when it sounds great, it just sounds great, and there is no trying to explain that. There's just the sharing and the listening to it over and over again. To analyze it would be an injustice. So, John Paul Keith and The One Four Fives have released "Lookin' For a Thrill" on 7" vinyl. Stop putting it off and dust off the old turntable, or go buy one (they're cheap these days). Hell, it's worth the price of the turntable to get this on the platter. Do it. Until you do, you can hear the single and B-side at JPK's MySpace page (linked below). I hope there is a full length 12" to follow soon.

You Memphians can grab a copy at Goner Records and also at Shangri La. If any of you non-Memphis people would like a copy, drop JPK a line and see about getting yourself one.

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