Friday, April 18, 2008


RECORD STORE DAY is tomorrow. Locally, the Disc Exchange is hosting a few bands and all kinds of edition 7-inches, and all sorts of bonus materials have been made just for this day, so go out and support your local record store. Same goes for Lost and Found Records. Go to both...Links below.

A perfect day for me would be to wake up early...listen to the day's news while playing with the dogs, Grab a tall coffee at Java, drive (or walk as it may be) to Lost and Found Records to browse the vinyl selection, hit the Book Eddy for more used vinyl, and then walk through the Disc Exchange doors and see what they have to offer...and see some live music at the same time. At the end of all that, I would go home and slap some records on the platter...turn the speakers on the backporch up, and sip something cold and frothy while not hearing the neighbors yelling at their kids...and then I would feel better. For one, I would know that I supported my local record stores. I would also know that the neighbors were being forced to hear good, new music instead of hearing themselves argue over who's turn it is to get off the couch. Are you sensing neighbor troubles? More on that later...

Cheers, Record Store Day!

Did I mention that I also have some photos on the walls at the Disc Exchange until the end of the month? Hmmm.

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