Tuesday, June 24, 2008

EN ROUTE - #7/8

Chicken Mural. East Magnolia. Knoxville, TN

This week's En Route image is a response to last week's attempt. I wanted to come up with something that bridged a gap between the typography driven images of the past weeks to the last image I have selected (next week). Plus, I am seeing them in my head as a series of shots that sit next to one another (seen that way on the REFUSE! site). Anyway, it's a chicken...on a wall...glancing back at a steak...and announcing that food stamps are accepted inside. I love hand painted signs, and really don't like the trend of vinyl-cut signs made and stuck on by "one hour" sign companies. No offense to those companies (they have their place), but gimme a hand painted chicken anyday. Until next week...enjoy the chicken.

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