Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Middlebrook, VA. June, 2008

I went to my dad's farm for Father's Day and got to hang out with family. While it wasn't the whole family, it sure was a nice time. The older I get the more I appreciate those times, and the more time I spend on that farm the more it feels like a home (I wasn't raised there). It's in the Shenandoah Valley, and is a really ideal spot...lots of wooded land, wildlife, and a view with no manmade objects in sight. Rare these days. The spring that starts above the house feeds not only the main house and springhouse, but also continues down to a fairly large stocked pond. So we fished. I didn't really fish that much, but enough to catch a good sized largemouth bass, and to watch my niece and nephews learn the art of worm-handling and fly-casting. We also went to a community chicken dinner down the road at a local church. They grilled 950-odd chicken halves, and probably sold most of them...people from miles away waited in line for the now-traditional meal, and some even drove up to buy it in takeout boxes and foil to save for later. Delicious (no offense to the above bird). Link below:

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