Saturday, August 9, 2008


Paul Westerberg - 5.05

So, the Paul Westerberg "album" 49:00 was pulled off of with no explanation, and released in it's place is a song called 5.05. Weird. I don't wanna get in the ring with the people trying to understand what's going on, but I am intrigued. If it's all a way to promote something new coming out, or a way to speak about copyright, or just a whim...whatever. It doesn't really matter, but it is interesting, and I like playing along. I like Paul Westerberg alot, and at the least I think it's good he's shaking things up...reminds me of Neil Young for some reason...which I've been on the back porch listening to all evening. It's a nice night here, and I can think of no better way to spend it than with the dogs curled up beside me and Neil Young and Paul Westerberg playing through the speakers. Links below:

  • Man Without Ties

  • 5.05 on TuneCore
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