Friday, August 15, 2008


Door-lock vacuum unit (exciting, huh?)

I love old things; Old cars, old bikes, old dogs, old beer cans, old magazines, old yada-yada...the problem with loving old stuff is having to fix old stuff. My philosophy has always been to pay a little bit more for quality products and they will last. Mostly true, I think. Anyway, I spent the day watching everything I touched turn to crap. Heh. You know those days. Parking ticket, flat tire (fixed that one), broken window and broken door locks (um, not fixed)...etc, etc...This is a picture of my passenger-side car door taken apart...I'm trying to fix the old vacuum locks and a window that won't roll up or down. I'm narrowing down the vacuum problem, and figured out I need to ride out to the junkyard to find a part to fix the window. Old parts do wear out eventually. For a 30 year old car, I guess I can't ask much more...I mean, when I hit 30 I started having a few loose screws myself.

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