Sunday, October 5, 2008

Highway 70 Blues

Highway 70 window.

Courtyard Bush, Exit 52 Red Roof Inn

We went to Middle Tennessee this weekend to see the Bell Witch Cave. We had big plans of being creeped out at the cave and retiring to our campsite to talk around a campfire, telling ghost stories and spending a night under the stars. Ha! The cave to put it's just say it was a cave...with lights in it...and a "tour guide". It was Ten Dollars and 30 minutes of our day. That's about all. So, we rejected our planned day and went to Nashville to play tourist under a different kind of star. We strolled down Broadway for Bar-B-Que, went to Tootsie's and watched gals dance to bad country music, headed to Coyote Ugly to watch wedding parties do body-shots, and we played corn-hole in East Nashville on a back patio. We got to hang out with my little brother and his friend Chris, and we found a cheap hotel with an interesting Courtyard. All in all, we had a really great, non-creepy time (well, Coyote Ugly was creepy). Nashville is an interesting place...interesting as in the "I wouldn't want to live there" interesting, but fun to see every now and then. We drove home via Hwy. 70 and stopped at the Hillcrest to eat (great food, friendly service, and a cool baseball-themed bathroom mural). A fun, and quite random and unexpected weekend.

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