Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February | New books

Face Boss by Michael D. Guillerman | Southeastern View by jw lawson

I have had the pleasure of designing two new books coming out this month. Face Boss is the memoir of a Western Kentucky Coal Miner, and is a fascinating read...especially for those from the appalachian region, where even if you don't grow up around a coal mine, if you take Sunday drives then you no doubt have seen the impact of coal on the area...whether in the strips of vacant mining land, the faces of the workers themselves, or in the scars left behind. Face Boss is a first-person account of life in the mines and is a tremendous read.

Southeastern View is jw lawson's collection of work from the southeast...primarily the Tennessee / North Carolina / Virginia borderland. lawson moved from Tennessee to Wisconsin nine years ago, and these photos are a visual representation of that move. While I am not very elegant at describing the work, I will say that you can feel the personal bond to the land in this collection...not only the land, but the "feel". The pull that ties us to our birthplace. lawson has a knack for creating images that remind us that there is indeed a place we are from, and that we should take notice of that place while we can.

FACE BOSS - The University of Tennessee Press
SOUTHEASTERN VIEW - self published via the WAR ROOM

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jw lawson FINE ART said...

Thanks for the kindness about the work, brother. You help me feel that it has been worth the journey(s).