Sunday, March 22, 2009


KWP. Winter 09.

My wife needed some "headshots" recently to go with her portfolio, so I tried to help out by taking some shots here and there and trying to do something I don't normally do. That is a challenge for me. I'm not used to taking photos of people...I guess I've always avoided it. I have no intention of trying to become a portrait photographer for a weddings for this guy, thank you. But in looking back into our years of photos I can't help but notice that I just don't have that many shots of Kim and I, or shots of friends and family for that matter. We have vacation shots and wedding shots, but not very many just hanging-out photos. Weird how that happens. I need to carry a camera more. Anyway, so Kim had a professional photographer take some studio shots for her portfolio, and they look really great. They look great for what they are...and I don't know how to accomplish that myself so I'm glad she had them taken. I'm also really happy that I got to take some as well, and get a different feel than the studio shots. I'm not a big fan of "correcting" photos to remove laugh lines, wrinkles, moles, etc...and I don't like slick-looking model photography as much as more candid shots. So it's good to have both. People want to see the real you in the end, regardless of how you achieve that, so blah blah...etc. etc...Anyway, I'm rambling. I like this photo.


Anonymous said...

Chad, That photo is BEAUTIFUL! I love the texture of the did a great job!
Subject is a natural!

Catherine said...

That's a great shot! She is so incredibly beautiful. You should try a self portrait.

Wright said...

Great shot!