Monday, May 18, 2009

Green Acres

Green Acres Flea Market | Winter 09

I'm currently designing a book about hunting/fishing traditions in our culture...the way that these traditions get passed down within families and communities. It got me thinking about the way I grew up hunting and fishing, and the ways in which I have strayed from that practice...mostly because I haven't really felt the need to do it, and my lifestyle has changed. It seems that the act of hunting and fishing is about many things; the tradition, the ritual, and the camaraderie...not to mention the interaction between man and nature, and the values of that interaction...and the population dynamics...yadda yadda. With a bit of a background in the science of the sport, I truly feel it is okay to embrace hunting and fishing. In fact, I think it is a necessity in our societies. I get tired of people claiming that it is cruel and not necessary in this day and age, and I would argue that it may be more necessary now than ever. People eat cow, fish, fowl, and pig every day without the slightest idea of where that food comes from, or the inhumane ways in which it is obtained. Avoidance of the process is inhumane in my opinion.

Now, don't get me wrong...I detest it when people hunt for the big-game aspect of it, and I think it reprehensible when people do not eat what they hunt. The connection to one's food is essential if we are to be more compassionate and understand where we stand in this world. I also heartily support those that wish to be completely void of meat...the vegetarian life is one way to do it. If you can, then by all means do it...and try growing a garden in that process. Connection and involvement. That's what it is all about.

If nothing else, hunting and fishing provides an outlet to spend some time away from these plastic and wire boxes...even if hunting just turns into "walking around in the woods" which is similar to what fishing is for me (It's really just sitting outside drinking beer). Time outside is always a good thing. So is a garden for that matter. I feel like going fishing, and coming home to garden spinach...and getting off of this box and stopping this rant.


Wright said...

Nice post. I've got a couple of choice fishin' holes. Gimme a call, we'll drink,er, cast a few.

cmp said...

Let's do it! The next three weeks are super-hectic, but after that I am wide open.

Catherine said...

Great post. I grew up with a brother that hunted and fished (and still fishes when he isn't chasing his kid around). There's so much more to it than "rednecks killin' stuff" as some like to assume. Thanks for the insight and looking forward to the book!