Wednesday, November 25, 2009


reflections | whittle springs, broadway, ag campus (click to view large)

I've been thinking about my attraction to shooting windows lately, and I came back to these three images. These are all shots that utilize the entire large windows instead of pieces of buildings with windows in the frame. I like how these become a bit more ambiguous, and I think the attraction to me is the fact that taking these forces me to really think the shot out as I take it (not that other shots don't, but in a different way). I mean, dealing with reflections makes for new positioning decisions...What to line up? What to avoid? Are there cars going by? Does it matter? How will light really affect this when processed? I guess these feel more like paintings and less like situations to me. These also seem to satisfy my urge to collect and collage, so it's kinda cool that I can collage within the confines of a photograph. Something to explore...soon.

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Anonymous said...

i like these. there is a nice quality to the light and the textures are rich. the center piece is espesh dreamlike.

moody girl