Monday, December 7, 2009

In My Mind

Will Oldham / Rising Shotgun - In My Mind, Spotlight 7"

I'm posting this for a couple of reasons. I bought this 7" a while back when I worked at a local record store. I bought it because I was a fan of Will Oldham, but also because I love the cover photo. I'm not sure where the photo was taken, but it reminds me of many scenes you see in eastern TN/KY/VA. The foothills, the dirt roads, the trucks, and the propane tanks...the Volvo. I like the Volvo because it changes the scene up a little. It's a sneaky little fella...a yellow Volvo station wagon in the middle of boulders, trucks, and propane tanks. Now, that's not terribly unusual, but it does make you take a second look at the shot. It does me anyway. We had a wagon like this one when I was a kid...same color...maybe a bit older though. I now have a car the same color/era too...something about the 70s yellows...and something about me being attracted to a car similar to the one that obviously had an impact on me as a child. So much so, that I now drive a 31 year-old somewhat undependable car because I like the memories it doesn't really contain...hmmm. Sentimental fool. Anyway, I also love the David Allan Coe song done up real nice by Mr. Oldham on this 7".

Available from my buddy at "My Tape Up In Here":

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ck said...

I've got a blue Volvo wagon from the era of the one pictured- love that car! Throwing it into that scene brings up in my mind an interesting dichotomy that often occurs in the Appalachians- liberal "granolas" and conservative "red necks" living side by side in the mountains they love.