Thursday, February 11, 2010

New books / February

Melancholia and Maturation - Eric L. Tribunella
Abducted by Circumstance (a novel) - David Madden

2 new books at the printer and on the way to the shelves. I was fortunate enough to get to use Travis Gray's wonderful illustration for the Tribunella jacket (see above). Fitting. Anyway, just 2 in a line of new releases I have been lucky enough to work on. More info below:

Melancholia and Maturation:
“Coming of age” in children’s fiction often means achieving maturity through the experience of trauma. In classics ranging from Old Yeller to The Outsiders, a narrative of psychological pain defies expectations of childhood as a time of innocence and play. In this provocative new book, Eric L. Tribunella explores why trauma, especially the loss of a loved object, occurs in some of the most popular and critically acclaimed twentieth-century American fiction for children.

Abducted by Circumstance:
“Abducted by Circumstance is a thrilling crime story, a dark and complex psychological study, a rich contemplation on contemporary life. It is also a masterful moral drama about the centuries-old conflicts that arise from the juxtaposition of the flesh and spirit.”
—Allen Wier, author of Tehano

“David Madden continues to push the envelope of literary fiction in subtle and profoundly sophisticated ways. Abducted by Circumstance is a quirky, utterly compelling novel in pieces that in its very structure speaks to the work’s twenty-first-century theme: how do we find connection in a fragmented world? In this new book Madden is at the height of his considerable power.”
—Robert Olen Butler

Both are available for pre-order via the University of Tennessee Press.


jude said...

Lookin' good Chad!! Travis' illustration worked out great!!!

cmp said...

Thanks Jude!