Tuesday, August 3, 2010

July / August books.

The University of Tennessee Press.

Two more new books freshly-packaged and either ready to order or pre-order.

One Homogeneous People | Trent A. Watts
Southerners have a reputation as storytellers, as a people fond of telling about family, community, and the southern way of life. A compelling book about some of those stories and their consequences, One Homogeneous People examines the forging and the embracing of southern “pan-whiteness” as an ideal during the volatile years surrounding the turn of the twentieth century.

Phillis Wheatley & the Romantics | John C. Shields
"This book very conclusively debunks the over two-hundred-year-old conventional wisdom that Wheatley owes her poetic sensibilities to Alexander Pope....It will help rejuvenate the study of Wheatley and will be an exciting contribution to scholarly discourse on Wheatley's poetry." -Cedrick May.

Available through the University of Tennessee Press.

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