Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mistakes / Accidents

July 2010 | accidental shot.

I don't really know why I'm posting this shot. There's something I like about it, even though it is one of those "last shots on the roll" ... where I just fired off a random shot from my bed as I got ready to take the roll out to process. I was shooting a beer can collection for another project and needed to get it sent off that day.

Anyway, this blurry, crooked shot has a lot of info. in it. Sort of. The stuffed chukar on the right came from my dad. There is a pair of them, stuffed on a piece of driftwood. I think they came from the "Headroom" at UT, but I'm not positive. I keep them with me. There's just something about that pair of birds that I like. The chair was given to me by my neighbor. I like it, and have 3 more that match. There's the oval "sampler" on the wall behind that my little brother gave me. It's a profile of Abraham Lincoln with the quote, "As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master". It came from a junk-store in Sevierville. The green "secretary" was my grandparents, and I would sit at that desk in the mornings while my grandma baked bread and made breakfast. When I look at that thing I can still smell that kitchen. The photo above the chukar was taken on a road trip from Idaho to Banff, somewhere on the highway in Canada between Glacier National Park and Banff (a beautiful drive). There's a polaroid shot on the back wall too, one that keeps me reminded of good times, and a small reprint of some Banksy graffiti that says, "There Is Always Hope". It was a gift, and I will always hang it somewhere. Anyway, all this to say sometimes accidents put you in a different frame of mind than shots you expect out of the camera. I like that.