Monday, August 23, 2010


IRWIN Tools Night Race | Bristol Motor Speedway | iPhone pics.
(click for larger view)

I got to spend a few days with my friend Lawson (thanks buddy) ... chatting it up, driving, and going to Bristol Motor Speedway for the night race on Saturday night. Awesome! Lawson gave me a glimpse into his neck of east TN / southwest VA as we drove around over the weekend. It was nice to just drive and look. He made some art, but I mostly took it all in and made mental notes of new roads and routes, new scenes. I had big plans of taking my camera to the race and walking around trying to catch the atmosphere of the place, the feel of the event, but rain changed our plans so we opted to head to Johnson City and have a beer and pre-race dinner. The rain cleared, but by that point I wanted to enjoy my first live race ... so I opted out of dragging the camera along. I am glad. I mean, phone pics are crap, but not having a camera kept me from worrying the whole time, so I actually had more fun. I have those all-important mental images, and can always go back with a camera.

Awesome weekend. There will be more.

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