Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hwy. 321 | Hampton, TN

I need to shoot some hoops. Growing up, I shot basketball in the local church parking lot most nights of the summer, and many nights throughout the year. I would put the basketball and hand-pump in a backpack and ride my bike down to the church, like some weird modern-quasimodo, peddling a ten-speed the short (but almost exact) mile. It was usually after dark, and I played game after game of solo-horse. When I started driving it was even better because I added music to the mix. Bonus for me, not so much for the neighbors. There's something about repetitive habits ... driving, basketball, mowing, cleaning, etc. They all keep you occupied, but allow your brain the space to sort life out. Meditation, I guess. The old hand-welded monstrosity of a goal has been taken down, but there is still a goal, and I think I need to go shoot some hoops this week.

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