Monday, February 28, 2011

Saturday Night in North Knox.

Eddie's Auto | Feb. 2011

My buddy Ryan and I had a truly great day on Saturday. Why do you care? Well, you shouldn't really, but I just wanted to document it. I do that sometimes.

Breakfast at the Rankin started things off. Rankin is one of those breakfast places where it just works. I try to get there at least once a month or so. Nothing fancy. Your eggs are cooked to order, the coffee is hot, and the biscuits and gravy are as comforting as they should be. Good stuff.

We went our separate ways after breakfast, and I ran a bunch of errands. You know, oil change, groceries, blah, blah, blah. But then, we met back up for an early supper at Dixson BBQ. I had the "pig burger" (medium hot), and man, I will be going back on a regular basis. I have had the BBQ at Dixson and it is great, but the pig burger is special. Ground pork patty on white bread with BBQ sauce. Simple and delicious. For an even $4 I got a pig burger and a small side of potato salad.

Next up was replacing a radiator hose on Ryan's truck, and heading to Eddie's Auto for Tennessee Mountain Wrestling, which was set up in the side parking lot. They do this from time to time, and as it is sponsored by TN Bonding Company, it is a free event. Bonus. As soon as we walked up I knew it would be fun. Ryan was heckled by Terry Landel, and a t-shirt thrown from the ring almost hit him in the head. Haha. We got some pretty horrible phone pics, and Ryan got some funny videos of the main events. I really want to go back with a proper camera and do this event some justice. Man, it is so much fun. Half the fun was watching the videos later, and laughing at all of the shouts from the crowd ... awesome. Kids in Lucha-Libre masks, men shouting craziness, women dancing, and cars driving by gawking and honking.

Eddie's is definitely where I will be on at least a few Saturday nights throughout what I know will be a completely awesome summer. Between Eddie's on Saturdays and the 411 Raceway on Fridays I might not even need a proper vacation (not really). The only thing we could've done to make the Saturday even more special is to have gone to Green Acres Flea Market for junk shopping and a Chepa's Mexican lunch. Man, Chepa's. I'm hungry.

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tiffany poling said...

I think you should buy one of their wrestling masks to show the K-Town Daddy you're for real....and a maybe five or twelve hot dogs.