Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Play | February 2011 | Chapman Hwy.

I went for a drive through some old haunts back in February, and grabbed some shots at the old Putt-Putt on Chapman Highway. It was pretty fascinating just walking around the place. As a kid, I went to a few birthday parties here (if they weren't having the party at SkateTown, they were having it at Putt-Putt), and shot a bunch of rounds of miniature golf, not to mention the games of Skee-Ball, and crappy little plastic prizes bought with the spit-out rows of tickets. Anyway, it has been abandoned for quite some time, and my goal was to shoot each of the 18 holes, which are now beyond recognition and so overgrown it's hard to even figure out where they are. Well, before I could get to the holes I was kicked off the property, so that'll have to come some other time.

I also got a red-light-camera ticket on the same day (which I just got in the mail). That's what prompted the revisit to these negatives. I was hoping I got something decent from the day to justify a $50 traffic ticket, you know, making a positive out of a negative (sorry, bad joke).

Anyway, the color will probably be off because I'm using my notoriously off-color monitor, but meh, I'm not really concerned at the moment. I can replace it later if it's terrible. Point is, I like this one, and I guess the time spent hovering around an old haunt was worth the $50 check sent to the Knox County Police Department.

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Paige Berry said...

I miss the hell out of the Chapman Highway putt-putt.