Friday, May 13, 2011

Gatti's / Green

Former Mr. Gatti's Pizza | Chapman Hwy. | 2011

I  picked up a few rolls of film recently and was bummed at how horrible most of the shots were. It happens. Some rolls just aren't meant to be. But then again, some shots will only be good when looked at a few months from now with fresh eyes. We'll see. I have been neglecting work on photo projects lately, and have realized that my workload was becoming heavier than I originally thought. I'm working on a few extra books, a logo, and some random identity projects ... and about to start a second job working at a bookstore at night. I remember back in school when I worked full time, carried a full class load, and tried to balance time at home at the same time. Late nights, early mornings, and constant work in between. I got more done then, obviously, and the energy of getting things done gets addictive. The whole "Rolling Stone gathering no moss" thing.

So, all of that to say, I'm gonna try real hard to recreate being in school again, so I can get some stuff accomplished. Quit the Social-Media sites for a spell, hunker down in the office more, and just spend more time creating, and less time thinking about creating. I had my own little quick-book that I WAS working on. It got shelved, but is back on the list. Once the other commitments are closer to completion I will crank that out. 

That being said, I look forward to seeing some of these finished products on the shelves, and will link to them when available (all coming shortly in 2011):

- William Wright / Bledsoe. One long (and very good) poem in book form. 
- Jesse Graves / Tennessee Landscape with Blighted Pine: Poems (also a book).
- The Southern Poetry Anthology / Vol. 4 - Louisiana (via Texas Review Press).
- The Southern Poetry Anthology / Vol. 5 - North Carolina (also via TRP).

Oh, and all that bright green, angled mess above is the former Mr. Gatti's Pizza on Chapman Highway, which is now home to the Knoxville Billiard Club. Mr. Gatti's had those special square, wooden light fixtures inside and out, and crazy angled wood patterns all around. Kinda cool.

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