Thursday, July 21, 2011


BLEDSOE | A Poem by William Wright

Just got my advance copy of William Wright's fine book/poem Bledsoe.

The phone-pic doesn't really show it off very well, but I am proud of the way it turned out. The cover picture is from Sharps Chapel, TN.
Some words about the book:

"Bledsoe reads like a poem by Cormac McCarthy. In startling, vivid lyrics, Bledsoe unfolds as an intense drama of affliction and the mystery of consciousness and time, of curse and exorcism, of nightmare and the rejuvenating power of nature in cycles of growth and decay. Wright has created his own haunted world, with different voices, interior voices. Sometimes a prayer, sometimes a scream, sometimes a folksong, the poem is a narrative of care giving, devotion, violence, and love. You will not soon forget it."
- Robert Morgan / author of Gap Creek and Terroir

Available soon from Texas Review Press.

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