Friday, February 24, 2012


Pal's | Kingsport, TN (Summer 2011)
"Hot dogs are still serious business, but we're having a lot of fun!"

I'm finally getting the chance to scan some film from the past 6 months, and this one is from my trip to Bristol over the summer with my buddy Lawson. Pal's is a regional fast-food chain, and I believe Kingsport is home to the headquarters. There is a great mural on the building next to Pal's, and this is just a small part of it.

I had the 'sauce-burger' with fries, so you know.

I am also getting my old 35mm fixed and making a waterproof box to go in my truck ... that way I will always have a camera with me. Yes, I suppose I could buy a small digital camera for that, but then I wouldn't get to make a fancy waterproof box to go in my truck, now would I?

One day I will have a fancy digital camera. One day...

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