Wednesday, May 13, 2009

America's Main Street Hotels

Jakle/Sculle | America's Main Street Hotels | University of Tennessee Press

The proof came in yesterday, and it looks good!

America's Main Street Hotels comes out in June via the University of Tennessee Press, and it is another in a line of books that I have had the pleasure of designing. Jakle and Sculle explore the iconic institutions known as Main Street Hotels. These once centers of the community have changed in function over the years, and this book is a great look at the history of their origins, the ups-and-downs, and the possible futures of these buildings that have become such a symbol of our cities. Plus, there are a bunch of cool pictures in it.

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Wright said...

Did you do the design?

cmp said...

Yeah, when a book comes in here, we generally do all of the design...from the jacket to all of the interior. This jacket was extra fun because I had a bunch of old postcards to I made a collage out of them for the cover. I'm a sucker for making collages.

Wright said...

Yeah, I'm a sucker for post cards, too. When will the book be available?

cmp said...

Estimated shipping date is June 5th, I believe.